Why Choose a Manufactured Home?

A neighborhood of manufactured homes provides independence, a simplified lifestyle, and built-in community.


Manufactured homes are a perfect solution for seniors who want to retain their independence in a private home but wish to do so at less cost.


Manufactured housing is a type of prefabricated housing built on a non-removable steel chassis, which allows for easy relocation.  Post 1950s these homes began to be marketed less for mobility and more for affordability.  Regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), today's modern manufactured homes can be almost identical in appearance to site-built homes--with customized layouts, modern kitchens, double garages, and walk-out porches--but at much less cost.  Furthermore, energy efficiency breakthroughs in construction have made manufactured homes more environmentally-friendly and extremely cost-effective.  With a manufactured home, the buyer gets more home for less money!

Today's manufactured homes are affordable, environmentally friendly, modern, and fully customizable.


Manufactured home communities bring owners of manufactured homes together in one place.  SHRC makes home installation easy with pre-installed gas, electricity, water and sewage hook-ups.  Furthermore, SHRC provides helpful services such as sewage, garbage collection, snow removal, and partial tree trimming.  For a small rental fee each month, the convenience of life in a manufactured home community makes day-to-day home ownership easy!

Manufactured home communities provide essential services, which life residents' lives easier.


Retirement communities are popular with indivdiuals over 55 years of age because of the built-in sense of community they provide with other seniors.  Manufactured home communities are unique because each resident retains his/her own home--and hence, independence--while enjoying the advantage of neighbors of similar life stage.

Retirement communities make life in the senior years simple but special.

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